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Highlights: Chinese speaking guide, Commercial shopping stops

 Taipei is worth visiting for many reasons, not just for the misty hillsides, the breathtaking waterfalls, hot springs or the landscape. Aside from hosting some of the magnificent tourist attractions sites, it is an ideal place for anyone who is interested in learning the historical struggles that the city has gone thought over the years. It is a mysterious land that only unfolds to you when you make that visit. Taipei is also an industrious and fast developing city that will definitely suit the needs of anyone interested in taking a holiday off, be it as a family or as friends.

The best time to visit Taipei is between October and December when the weather is warm although the occasional typhoons can be a distraction. This is also an ideal time to experience the Taiwanese culture unfold. Most festivals such as the dragon boat festivals, which can be such an amazing experience, takes place during this time of the year.  Taiwan is known for its liberal view on homosexuality and hosts one of the largest pride parade events, the Taiwan pride parade, that takes place between September and November in the island's capital, Taipei.

Highlights: Chinese Speaking Guide, Sightseeing

Min 4 To Go/Travel before 31 March 2016/ Enjoy the best of Taiwan with this trip that brings you from north to south, enjoying the best view and trying the best street food! Join this tour for an unforgettable Taiwan holiday! 

Taiwan is perhaps most well-known for its food and natural landscape. One experience that often receives high compliments is the stay in farm houses amongst beautiful mountains. To best enjoy the natural landscape, head to Jiufen, a small town in the north of Taiwan that is littered with quaint streets, tea houses and great view of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget to try Jiufen’s specialty as well, the taro balls from Grandma Lai at Jishan Street is a must try!

When the Japanese rule Taiwan, they’ve brought their rich onsen culture into the country and it has since adopted by the locals due to its healing properties. Do try for yourself the Taiwanese hot spring culture as it is said to help treat chronic fatigue, eczema and arthritis.